About Us


Our mission is to promote fit lifestyles for children through exercise, sports, and a variety of physical activities. The goal of FitKidz is to teach healthy habits that encourage positive physical, mental, and emotional health all while having fun.

Our Focus

Using properties in Motor Development, Exercise Physiology, and Sports Medicine we specialize in educating children on the importance of physical activity and the overall impact on their well-being. Our programs teach children lifelong skills to keep them healthy and gives a holistic view on how these actions affect the body and mind.

Research shows that fit and active children consistently outperform less active, unfit children; academically, behaviorally, cognitively, and physically, in both the short and the long term. Participating in physical activities on a regular basis demonstrates greater abilities to focus, improved self-esteem, greater pro-social interaction, and being more goal-oriented.

FitKidz coaching instills confidence, builds leaders, and teaches what it takes to win. We aim to help children find interest in a physical activity whether recreational, fitness, or sports activities that will impact the remainder of their lives and expand possibilities.

Our ultimate goal is to create a movement of healthy generations that tackle health issues in America by empowering children with the skills to cultivate physically active lifestyles. We educate children to be active, live healthy, but more importantly, thrive longer.